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Pitch our marketing campaign and inspire & collaborate with the adidas Trends Working Group.

My Role

Campaign ideation, Presentation deck design, Instagram post mockups, Pitch

In collaboration with Laura Roed


Laura and I were selected to visit the adidas Los Angeles office and pitch our campaign to the adidas Trend Working Group. The Trend Working Group is a global cross functional team made up of 12 adidas Creatives within the brand covering areas of: Color and Trend, Future Innovation, Digital, Statement, Women’s, Retail and Strategy. This year, they met in Los Angeles and sought students to share current projects and give them a chance to shape the future of adidas through trends and workstreams.

Addressing Three Key Problems

When coming up with a unique campaign, we first wanted to address three common issues we have seen in our everyday lives and especially for our target audience of our generation of young adults.

1. The Athleisure Market
There has been a steady rise of athleisure and activewear sold at non-traditional active retailers such as H&M, Topshop, Forever 21 and Old Navy. How does one brand stand out from all the rest?

2. Overload of Visual Content
Whether it exists in the environment or on digital platforms – we consume a large amount of visual content. We found that people are wary of advertisements that are individually targeted, and that advertisements should be more than just relevant. It's important to be both original and different.

3. Intent to Make a Difference
Our target generation wants to do good in the world, but it's difficult to find time in our fast-moving lives. Our target audience appreciates brands that inspire consumers to do good and feel good about their purchases.

Creating a Story

These identified problems led us to create our marketing campaign. We structured our presentation in the form of a story – starting with the identified problems, our proposed solutions, the target audience and how we envision the implementation of the campaign. Our goal was to make a lasting impact on the audience, and we did so by creating a flowing story of our ideas.

Our Marketing Campaign

Marketing is all about storytelling – and we are blending current trends, creativity and humor. We have many possibilities for how we could innovate athleisure for the future. Athleisure is a trend in fashion of "casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear." Each series consists of a three-part visual story that integrates the versatility of athleisure. It all starts with the motto –

The first image in our series starts with an image of the product in focus. However, it's not until the last image in the series that reveals the unexpected, playful twist! We decided to end on the word original to leave a lasting impression on inspiring customers to be original wearing adidas Originals.

The ultimate goal of our campaign is to drive sales and share fun, unique content. This campaign would accomplish this goal by increasing direct engagement with consumers, creating a campaign that stands out in the content overload, speaking to our generation's needs and by strengthening the brand with effective, memorable content.

We pitched this as a student-driven project. Please see below!


After we presented, the adidas Trends Working Group and our group engaged in conversation about branding, marketing and future steps. This was an incredible opportunity, and we all had an amazing time interacting and learning more about such an innovative consumer brand.

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